Nolan Bushnells second robot company after Androbot
For use with ATARI 800, 800XL or 600XL with 48K Expansion or COMMODORE 64

Only 2300 made according to Andrew Filo (designer who the Robot was named after)
Click the following Link to read his account of the # made (article borrowed from the Androbodies Page)
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Nolan Bushnell's Article from Antic Vol. 3, No. 12 / April 1985 / Page 20
Mentions they have parts for 10,000 Robots but seems his numbers were a slightly exaggerated
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      Andy uses a 9 Pin plug that connects to the # 2 Joystick Port to interface with the Computer.
Direct Joystick Control is available Via Port 1, Control can also be handled through a series of instructions in BASIC or
The Included disk software Includes a "Personality Editor" that lets Non-Programmers set up robotic behavior
patterns by using English, Logo-Like, or BASIC-like commands


Power is supplied by four D-Cell Batteries


Originaly included items include Warranty Card, Software Disk with 2 Small Stickers for Write Protection,
Floopy Disk Paper Sleeve, User Manual in plastic baggie and Origianl Sales Reciept from "Smartoys" in Sunnyvale Cal.


Original Generic White Box, Notice the perfect fit of Andy within the box also notice the box was made by
"Viking Container" of San Jose Calif. According to the Original owner who purchased this New this is the Original Box


First Picture shows the Wiring Schmatic received from Axlon, Owner wanted it to make a cable interface for an Apple II
Second Picture was taken in the dark to show how the eyes light up when connected to the Computer while software is running
Third Picture is the home Made Apple II connecting cable. Fourth Picture is showing the control board inside Andys Head.
Fifth Picture shows how Andy was built from Un-Used FRED's (Androbot writting Robot) Notice how the area where the Pin
was attached on the FRED has been cut away to allow for the battery compartment to be installed



Screen shots above are taken from my TV while running the included original software disk
(one side is for Atari other is for Commodore)

First picture above is first screen shown after Running the Demo by Typing RUN "D:DEMO.BAS" in BASIC
Pressing number one will bring up the second picture above JOYSTICK CONTROL screen
Pressing number two will bring up the the thrird picture above KEYBOARD COMMANDS screen
Pressing number 3 will bring up the fourth picture above BASIC COMMANDS screen
Second row picture 1 is PERSONALITY EDITOR title screen shown after typing L then return from DOS, then type EDITOR return
Second Row second picture is the on screen EDITOR that will appear automaticly after a few moments